the main building

straight into the Golden Age

The Westfries Museum has been housed in the Statencollege since 1881. This stately national monument with its characteristic, richly adorned façade was built for the Gecommitteerde Raden of West Friesland and the Noorderkwartier (standing committees of West-Friesland and the Northern Quarter) in 1632. The coat of arms of the seven cities represented in this important administrative authority can be found on the stepped gable of the façade and in the assembly room, the current civic guard room.

The Statencollege sprang up on the location of one of the first brick houses of Hoorn, the Proostenhuis (Provost house). A late-medieval arched cellar is one of the few remainders of this building.

In 1994 the museum was extended with a municipal monument that originally consisted of two houses. In 1790 the buildings got one façade in classicistic style, after a design of architect Leendert Viervant. The beautiful monumental fence closing off the courtyard dates from 1729. There is a lovely inner garden behind the museum, where memorial tablets and other ornaments from monuments in Hoorn can be seen.

The monumental housing gives the museum its very special character. A visit is a true journey of discovery.